I’ve transitioned over to an Ubuntu desktop full time. I was tired of work being interrupted by unstable Windows updates along with frequent reboots that end in a failure. However, this means my normal collection of games had to be paired down to only Linux compatible games, it’s 2018 shouldn’t be hard right?

This process went fine, until I reached Stationeers. It was not supported by default and did not run at all when checking all the boxes Steam required to run non-tested games.

I sat for a week, just rebooting into Windows every time I wanted to play, but again, with every boot came another loop of updates that potentially could kill any motivation to game.

I finally sat down and decided to figure out how to get this game to run. The initial symptom was Stationeers would run, however a small box with a progress bar appeared, not the game launch. This guide resolves that issue, if you haven’t gotten that far, check out my notes on Proton and ext4

Caveat: These tips may only apply to GeForce GTX 1000 series GPUs AND Ubuntu 18.04 x64


  • Steam Client for Linux (Beta) | .deb
  • Proton 3.16

Issues Encountered:

  • Proton needs to be installed to an ext4 partition.
    • If you store your games on an NTFS share and launched one of those first, Proton will not function properly for the purpose of Stationeers.
    • Uninstall Steam via apt (you can use the Ubuntu App GUI).
    • Remove or move
    • Reinstall Steam
    • Install Stationeers to ext4 drive
    • Attempt to run it, it will fail but that is ok. It should install Proton 3.16 onto the ext4 partition.
    • Verify by navigating to

      and looking for Proton 3.16 folder.


Enable Steam Beta from the Steam settings window

Enable Steam Proton and ensure Proton 3.16 is selected

Open Launch Options from within game properties

Set launch options to 
"PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%"