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Python | Webcam Activity Notifier

GitHub | Windows Client

Recently I’ve been on Zoom meetings and Discord video calls when my wife walks in aware there’s a webcam pointing in the general direction of the door. I’ve always joked about making an “On-Air” sign to let her know when I’m streaming or in a video call.

Last night I got into writing the basic code for accepting Zoom webhooks and generic requests (from my keyboard or another device). It ended up being fairly simple, creating a FastAPI endpoint with a pydantic model and it was up and running

I’m making use of a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which gives me the flexibility of putting it in a shadowbox with a battery pack for a week or so. It also allows me to wirelessly update the Pi and have it serve the web endpoint itself.

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Python | Wordle Start Word Ranker

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I’m a little behind the curve, now that Wordle has been bought out by The New York Times. They immediately let us know they would be placing it behind a paywall, but there are literally dozens of us with Wordle clones ready to be of use

My project started with a discussion with my Dad. He tells me “stare” is a fantastic word to start with. He goes on about the vowels and common letters. I drop a far less appropriate word as a starter and assert surely my word is better!

I had no way of proving either way, but then I realized. I know how to program and I had been putting effort into learning Python at a more fundamental level for an upcoming job interview. I realized, this is a great showcase project.

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