I’ve transitioned over to an Ubuntu desktop full time. I was tired of work being interrupted by unstable Windows updates along with frequent reboots that end in a failure. However, this means my normal collection of games had to be paired down to only Linux compatible games, it’s 2018 shouldn’t be hard right?

This process went fine, until I reached Stationeers. It was not supported by default and did not run at all when checking all the boxes Steam required to run non-tested games.

I sat for a week, just rebooting into Windows every time I wanted to play, but again, with every boot came another loop of updates that potentially could kill any motivation to game.

I finally sat down and decided to figure out how to get this game to run. The initial symptom was Stationeers would run, however a small box with a progress bar appeared, not the game launch. This guide resolves that issue, if you haven’t gotten that far, check out my notes on Proton and ext4
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